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7 Reasons To Fear Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks have done little to inspire enthusiasm over the past month. They were blown out for the first time in five years while turning the ball over six times. They lost their first home game of th...

Never doubt this brotherhood again

Never doubt this team. Never doubt these players. Never doubt their DNA. Never doubt these coaches. Never doubt their mission. Never doubt their destiny. Never doubt their ambitions. Never again doubt this brot...

Everyone Wins When Seahawks, Patriots Clash

Game of Thrones features a litany of warring kingdoms attempting to win the Iron Throne, but at its core, it is a story about the Lannisters and the Starks. Those two proud houses have something that sets them ...
Keep Calm and Hawk On

Keep Calm and Hawk On

Note: This was written before the news about Michael Bennett possibly needing surgery on his knee. Everything in here still applies. Anxiety levels escalated for Seahawks fans this week when news broke that...

Seahawks Set to Rise Today

There is no silence on days like today. Even bated breath is interrupted by the percussion of rain drops. Mother Nature will soon succumb to the sounds of sport. Fifty-three men wake this morning with the goal ...

5 Things I Think After Week Three

Players continue to shuffle in and out of the Seahawks lineup. The offense goes from scoring 3 points to scoring 37 points in one week. Russell Wilson appears to be on a mission to injure every joint in his leg...

Time to Stand with the Seahawks

I love this country. I consider myself lucky to have been born into it, and I would fight to protect it. That does not mean it is perfect. There is a continuing escalation of violence between police officers an...

I Still Remember

It was a sunny day in New York. I was in the back room of my in-laws house ironing a pair of pants getting ready for a tee time we had later that morning. My wife called out from another room where she was watc...