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116 Free Agents Ranked For Seahawks

2016 Free Agent Big Board The big board ranks players, based on a variety of criteria, to determine which make the most sense for the Seahawks to pursue in free agency.I ranked about 60 players last year, ...

Bring Hass Home

One of the greatest players in franchise history, and one of the best leaders to ever step into a Seattle locker room, is looking for a place to call home. The Indianapolis Colts announced they are moving on fr...
Russell Wilson walks through the tunnel out onto the field for his early warmup routine.
4.4Position Rating

2016 Offseason Planning Part I: Quarterbacks

This series will examine seven position groups on the Seahawks, reviewing their 2015 performance, and how the front office may make changes, including free agency or the draft. The final part of the series will...

The Search For Dominant Life

Brian NemhauserView image | gettyimages.comEvery football season consists of two quests. The first involves finding and maintaining a team's peak performance level. The second involve...

The New Russell Wilson?

Brian NemhauserHidden behind the frustration of an 0-2 start and the soap opera of Kam Chancellor's holdout is a developing story that Seahawks fans should keep an eye on. Your franchise quarter...