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Special Teams

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116 Free Agents Ranked For Seahawks

2016 Free Agent Big Board The big board ranks players, based on a variety of criteria, to determine which make the most sense for the Seahawks to pursue in free agency.I ranked about 60 players last year, ...

Seahawks Special Teams Not Yet Special

Ask a fan their favorite thing about the Seahawks and you are likely to hear them mention Marshawn Lynch breaking tackles, Percy Harvin zipping by defenders, or Kam Chancellor blowing up would-be receivers. Se...
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Hidden Yards Costing Seattle

Points win football games. Yards are nearly always necessary to score points. This is part of why when analysts and many fans have habitually referred to total yards per game gained and surrendered when tal...
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Expect Drastic Special Teams Improvement

Everyone knows there are three units on a football team: offense, defense, and special teams. Offense and defense receive nearly all of the attention, and the true impact of special teams is usually lost. Seah...
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Tate’s Turn?

A quick look at special teams rankings on the super-awesome-fantastic Football Outsiders site tells us that the St. Louis Rams special teams ranks 23rd in the NFL. The Seahawks are ranked 1st. Leon Washington i...