Observation from today, Seahawks win 24-21

Some quick thoughts before hitting the hay:

1. The defense played well
Despite giving up a ton of yards, the Hawks defense did a nice job today. Carson Palmer and his WRs were as advertised. It is nearly impossible to defend a team that has a QB putting the ball on his WRs right out of their breaks. Those guys are going to put up a ton of points this year. Holding that offense to 19 points, with two turnovers by the Hawks offense, was huge.

2. Red zone offense is a problem for Hawks right now
The Hawks are settling for FGs right now in the red zone. It happened twice against Arizona and once today. The TDs are coming outside the 20. That must change.

3. LeRoy Hill played well
9 tackles, 7 solo. I think we missed him more than we knew last week.

4. Lance Laury rocks
I look forward to seeing him get some of Bentley’s reps at LB. The guy hits a ton.

5. Where were the TEs?
Pollard was invisible. I know he was injured for a while, but there seemed to almost no attack in the middle of the field.

More tomorrow. I am working on some statistical analysis.