I’m Still Living: Hawks Kick Off A New Year (and so do I)

How can you not like a new year of NFL football? I have been floating on the Nisqually river all day (not catching fish), and am hanging out with my family while the Hawks/Chargers game tapes on DVR. Since I can’t watch it live, I feel compelled to write about the things I’m looking forward to seeing:

– Devin Moore
I saw this kid at training camp last week and was really impressed. Great speed and motor. Could be this year’s Justin Forsett (unless Forsett is this season’s Forsett).

– Colin Cole
Will we really be more stout this year? How many times have we heard that the Hawks are setup to improve against the run, only to either get worse or be mediocre? Cole is a big part of what needs to change there. The other guy is Red Bryant. Both are 330LBs, but carry it differently. I hope to see our guys taking on double-teams and our linebackers roaming free.

– Cory Redding
This guy may be our best end opposite Kerney to date. He sounds like he has a new lease on life in Seattle. I heard him say he was considering early retirement if he was not out of Detroit this year. He was a pro bowl level player a couple years back. If he can regain that form, things might get really interesting.

– Aaron Curry
Heard of the guy? I saw Ray Willis welcome him to the NFL at training camp. The guy is big, but he better not try and take on lineman head on like that too often. Willis womped him. Don’t be surprised if he is not the player we want him to be in game one. Let’s hope for some glimpses.

– Matt Hasselbeck
Let’s not forget our season rests on this guy’s shoulders (and back). We get as far as he can take us. He has sounded uncomfortable with the offense and his new WRs so far. We’ll see how much that is grandstanding, and how much is true.

– John Carlson
I think this guy could have a breakout season. He has the potential to be our best offensive threat. Yes, that’s what I said.

– Housh
This guy drips cool. He surpasses Hass as the best interview on the team. This guy gets me fired up and laughing at the same time.

– Deon Butler
I heard great things, but was not at all impressed at training camp. He dropped a bunch of passes and ran rounded, sloppy routes. I hope it was just a bad day.

– Brandon Mebane
He is a bowling ball. Slimmed down, but still a load, this guy needs to be a disruptive force on the interior of our line.

Yes, that’s most of the team, but there is a lot to look for. Can’t wait to start watching…