NEW ISSUE: Hawk Blogger Weekly – Week 15

Defensive backs take part of their traditional pregame huddle before taking the field for warmups.
Hawk Blogger Weekly Issue #5 is here! We welcome our third guest photographer, Huy Nguyen, who took the cover shot this week of Doug Baldwin. Thanks to Huy and Doug for doing that.

We continue to feature the great work of Anthony May and Jeff Marsh, who have some amazing shots for you in this week’s issue.

You can contribute to Hawk Blogger Weekly as well! Have an article you’d like to write? Want to see your photo in a magazine that thousands of people see? Shoot me a note.

Speaking of future issues, be sure to click the Subscribe link on the blog or within the magazine to be notified automatically when a new issue gets published.

I’d like to find other ways to make this a place to celebrate the work of other Seahawks fans, not just me. If you are a photographer, a writer, or have another ideas for how you could be featured, drop me a line!

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