Seahawks Offense Could Hit Another Gear

Seattle led the NFL in takeaways last year at 2.4 per game. The Seahawks offense benefited from the extra opportunities and short fields the defense created. The offense this year has scored the fifth-most points in the league without the aid of frequent takeaways by the defense. They have had just one game with two or more takeaways so far this season, and rank 28th in the NFL in total takeaways. Scoring could increase significantly when the takeaways start to materialize.

Turnover offense last year

The Seattle offense scored ten touchdowns and seven field goals on drives started by an opponent turnover last year, according to That is 91 points over the course of the season, or 5.7 points per game. That is nearly 22% of the team’s scoring last year.

Scoring more despite fewer takeaways

The Seahawks offense is scoring 27.2 ppg so far this year when you remove defensive points like safeties. They scored 24.2 ppg last year. But when you factor in the amount of points scored off of turnovers, the difference grows.
Seattle scored roughly 18.5 ppg last year on drives started without a takeaway. They are scoring 24.6 ppg this year in the same situation. Should the team start getting some takeaways to boost their offense, this team could start throwing some forty-burgers out on the field.
Keep that in mind come Sunday.

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