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Top 10 Things Overheard In Seahawks Draft Room On Day 1

The first round of the NFL draft has just finished. It marks what is now an annual tradition where John Schneider and the Seahawks, without a first day pick, sat in a room and watched the television coverage like any other fan around the country. was given a rare opportunity to sit in and listen to what actually happens in there. Here were a few of the most intriguing comments we overheard…

10. “Wasn’t that Winston kid accused of assault and arrested a couple of times? Does that mean he is automatically assigned to the 49ers roster?” 

9.  “I’ll bet a billion dollars the Rams pick a defensive lineman. Come on, who’s in?” – Paul Allen

8. “I was watching that movie Draft Day and it finally dawned on me that our big mistake was that we only traded the Vikings our last two first round picks. If we had traded them three, we could have totally screwed them over.” 

7. “Have you noticed that every new cornerback is the ‘The Next Richard Sherman,’ and every new safety is ‘The Next Earl Thomas or Kam Chancellor?’ Uh huh. Just like Patrick Peterson is the best corner in the NFL…”

6. “Anyone want to play some catch? No? How about now?” – Pete Carroll

5. “Hey Pete! Pete! Check this out. Baalke is trying to return Kaepernick, but Goodell won’t take him. Colin just kissed his bicep, and Baalke started sobbing.” – John Schneider

4. “Should we trade into the first round and take a kicker just to f— with people?”

3. “Can we trade our first rounder next year for a redeemable voucher good for 1 yard in the Super Bowl?”

2. “Drink! Mel Kiper just said something stupid.”

1. “Is that Happy Gilmore on TBS? Turn that ish on!”

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