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Softy and Brian talk about the Seahawks facing the Eagles after the bye week.

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  1. Scott Crowder

    If Seattle wins, Wilson becomes the only QB in NFL history to play on a winning team every year for his first 8 seasons. 3 more wins ties Brady’s win record for eight seasons. Also, Wilson, though his 8 year stats compare favorably to Manning, Brady, Montana, Marino and Brees, has never recieved a single MVP vote in his entire career. ZERO. Nada. People just can’t bring themselves to admit they were wrong about that kid.

    Check out his stats vs everyone else’s first 8 yrs. Only Aaron Rodgers is better. Consider that Wilson is also one of the most sacked QB’s in history, playing behind the worst pass protection in the NFL for most of those years while still putting up those numbers. Wilson is probably the 2nd greatest QB of all time.


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