Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Seahawks Five Year Roster Outlook Updated

I had a moment to update my 5-year Seahawks roster outlook. If you have not seen it before, it allows you to see most of the key players on the roster and what their contract situation is over the coming years. It differentiates between restricted free agents and unrestricted, and also shows players who cannot renegotiate due to rookie deals.

Thomas Rawls Has Outplayed Todd Gurley

Opinion becomes accepted fact when enough people share the same perception. Todd Gurley has been a beast since he joined the Rams offense this season. Nobody is arguing otherwise. He has rushed for 775 yards, and generally brutalized opposing defenses. Some have even whispered that he may already be the best back in football. The reality is that he may not even be the best rookie running back in the NFL. Thomas Rawls has fewer starts, but has vastly outperformed Gurley in nearly never statistical measure.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hawk Blogger 2015 Power Rankings: Week 11


Arizona retains the top spot, but the story is the resurgent Kansas City Chiefs who have risen a remarkable 20.6 points of team strength in the last three weeks and are ranked third in the NFL after their latest runaway win. They are statistically equivalent to the Patriots in overall team efficiency. Seattle remains in the top ten, but if you look at the scatter chart below, it reveals they are a fifth tier team, just above mediocre. That seems about right for the time being.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Morning After: Seahawks Show Signs, Pound 49ers 29-13

Art is always open to interpretation and critique. One person's Mona Lisa may be another's poker playing dogs. Football games are no different. Some will look at the Seahawks 29-13 win over the 49ers and see a meaningless performance against a hapless opponent. Some will decide the Seahawks are back, and ready to roll. If you divide a football team into five parts: pass offense, run offense, pass defense, run defense, special teams, the Seahawks showed undeniable growth in at least two of those phases. This season is about growth more than any other since 2012. That is how this team has to be measured until they demonstrate they can maintain a high level of performance for an extended period of time. Sunday was encouraging. Appreciate the process of the artist putting brush to canvas. Let the critics debate whether it is worth framing.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dear Seahawks, Please Shut Everyone Up

Dear Pete and John, Russell and Jimmy, Doug and Tyler, Richard and Earl, Bobby and KJ, and the other Seahawks,

You guys are great. I know because I have seen it. You just are not playing great so far this year. I've seen that, too. Everyone has a theory about why, but the reasons are clear as a crisp autumn day.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Is It Time To Sit Jermaine Kearse?

There is a sizable contingent of Seahawks fans who are not big on Jermaine Kearse. They dislike his measurables, or his effort, or his paltry numbers. Some say his effort has faded after his promising 2013 season, and his blocking has regressed. I am not sure I agree with any of those indictments, but I am wondering if it is time to see what someone else could do in his role.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Titanic Wake of Scot Mccloughan

The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers face off this week in a battle that almost nobody cares about. Just two years removed from staging one of the best NFC Championship games in history, both can point to the departure of one man, the same man, as the start of their descent. Seth Wickersham of ESPN called Scot McCloughan, "the NFL's best talent scout," in a feature story earlier this year. McCloughan was self-employed at the time, and has since been hired by the Washington Redskins to be their General Manager. If history serves as a guide, Redskins fans should expect a Super Bowl run in the coming years, and a crash thereafter if McCloughan leaves.

A Seahawks Selfie Could Win You Great Prizes

The Seahawks and Verizon are teaming up to sponsor a fun contest that is easy to enter and boasts some great prizes for 12s across the state. Come down to CenturyLink Field this Sunday and take a picture of you standing next to the Seahawks helmet mobile, tweet it out with a specific hashtag, and you could win (4) tickets to the Seahawks home finale against the division rival Rams, along with a $500 Visa gift card for merchandise and concessions, signed merchandise, and (4) sideline passes for a once-in-a-lifetime fan experience. Pretty cool, right? Even if you cannot make it down to SoDo this Sunday, the helmet will be at some other locations as well. All the details you need are below.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hawk Blogger 2015 Power Rankings: Week 10


New England stays undefeated, but loses their top spot in the rankings. That now belongs to the Arizona Cardinals after their big win over Seattle. The Cardinals strong passer rating differential gives them the edge over the Patriots, and a game against the Seahawks helped their dreadful strength of schedule just enough to edge out New England. Cincinnati had a golden opportunity to rise, but fell to lowly Houston. Green Bay, similarly, dropped a ton of team strength losing at home to Detroit. Most shocking may be the fourth-ranked Kansas City Chiefs. They have been climbing the charts the past few weeks, and showed it was no fluke in their dominant win over the Broncos.