Monday, July 27, 2015

PODCAST: Daily Hawk Blogger Training Camp Preview: WRs, Guards & Centers

It's training camp week! I'll be rolling each day with a pair of positional previews, and kick it off this week with a look at the ultra-competitive WR, C and OG positions.

Programming note: I'm trying a new podcast provider, so please excuse some bumps along the way.


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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Harvard Study Predicts a Seahawks vs Dolphins (??) Super Bowl

If you love advanced football analysis and believe economists can help forecast football futures (see, then I have a must-read for you. Kurt Bullard has published a prediction for the upcoming season with odds for all the NFL teams based on a series of indexes. Seattle and Green Bay are extremely close, but the surprise is Miami coming in on top of the AFC. Read it all here...
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Seahawks Training Camp Tips and Tricks, Plus Position Battles

I offer my most precious training camp tips and secrets that will help you get the most out of your training camp visit. I also discuss most of the position groups from offensive line to tight ends to pass rushers and more. Follow me on Periscope and join one of my broadcasts live to ask me questions and say hello!

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Downloadable Roster & Notes for Seahawks Training Camp

It is almost that time. A new football season is about to begin. The Seahawks have sold out every public training camp. That means a lot of new faces will see players vying for a roster spot for the first time. I have spent more than a normal amount of time at these sessions in the past, and wanted to offer a few items to help make your visit even better.

Having a roster handout like this will help you know who all these unfamiliar players are. You will want to have this. Trust me! I've added my own notes on every player. This is especially useful for people who are bringing a loved one who is not as big of a fan as they are, so they can get an idea who is who.

- Bring sunscreen
They supply sometimes, but don't be caught without it!

- Don't sit down
It's a waste of time to sit down. The drills and action moves around. You should move with it. 

- Remember, this is general seating/standing
You do not have the right to the view in front of you. If someone is choosing to stand, move so you can see. 

- Wait for the three horns
The practices go longer than you think. It is not over until it's over.

- Use the bathroom on the way in
They are not convenient to get back to, and you'll miss the action!

Have fun, all. Happy Seahawks 2015! 
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Here's How Bruce Irvin Plays In Seattle Beyond 2015

It is old news. Seattle did not pick up Bruce Irvin's fifth-year option for next season. He expressed his displeasure about it on Twitter and then publicly talked about his desire to play in Atlanta next season. Most Seahawks fans, including myself, have assumed this will be Irvin's swan song in the Great Northwest. There is, however, a scenario that could result in Irvin getting the contract he wants in Seattle, and it is not all that far-fetched.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tyler Lockett Rookie Confessional

Tyler Lockett did a rookie confessional video with the NFL. Link posted below...
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Jimmy Graham Three-Part Interview

Aaron Levine, a great local sportscaster, has landed an exclusive three-part interview with Jimmy Graham. It's a great chance to get an inside look at the Seahawks biggest offseason acquisition.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Seahawks Now Feature Two of NFL's Top Three Scoring Threats

The image of Russell Wilson throwing an interception in the direction of Ricardo Lockette inside the 1 yard line to end the Seahawks Super Bowl hopes is still fresh in the minds of fans across the league. It is a convenient joke for many, and a painful memory for Seattle fans. John Schneider responded to that disappointment by given Pete Carroll the best red zone arsenal in the NFL. That may sound like hyperbole. It is not. Consider that since 2012, no player in the NFL has caught more red zone touchdown passes than Jimmy Graham (28) and no player has more red zone rushing touchdown than Marshawn Lynch (32). Who is laughing now?

Tyler Lockett May Be Worth A Couple Points Per Game

Golden Tate left Seattle as a well regarded receiver who became a Pro Bowler in Detroit. One of his talents that the Seahawks missed most, however, is something the Lions have not even asked him to do. Tate and the Seahawks ranked 6th in the NFL in punt return efficiency, according to in 2013. They fell to 16th last season in Tate's absence. The impact of downgrading to Bryan Walters had ripple effects throughout the team, and eventually led to the urgency John Schneider and Pete Carroll felt in trading up to acquire Tyler Lockett, the player they saw as the best returner in the draft. Should Lockett deliver on his potential as both a punt and kick returner, the Seahawks will find a few extra points tacked onto their scoring average.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This Might Be The Best Seahawks Team Yet

A couple weeks back I was listening to a radio interview that Doug Baldwin did on the ESPN Seattle radio show Justin and Gee. There was a point in the discussion when Baldwin started talking about how excited he and his teammates are to get back on the field to reclaim what is theirs. Something clicked for me as I listened to Baldwin talk about the team's level of motivation. This is not a team coming off a crushing Super Bowl loss that needs to regain its footing. This is a supremely talented group of players who might be at the peak composition of talent, youth, and mindset. This may be the best Seahawks team you ever watch.