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I love finding the voice of the people. When I ran this poll on current favorite Seahawk, I would have expected it to fall something like:

1) Hasselbeck
2) Lofa
3) Housh
4) Other (“other” always does well in polls, he must rock)
5) Carlson

As of 9AM Wednesday morning, with 64 votes in, Golden Boy John Carlson is the clear leader with 32% of the vote. Bald Boy Hasselbeck is a distant second at 21%.

Is it his new car smell? People always like the new guy that bursts onto the scene. Although, I’d think Housh would get a lot of those votes. The novelty of a true Pro Bowl-quality tight end in a franchise that has never had one? Just the fact that he is not Jerramy Stevens?

I like Carlson’s no-nonsense, humble approach to his work and his dependability. I still am a Hasselbeck guy, although Burleson is in the ballpark. It’s hard to go against the best QB in franchise history, a good family guy, and a great interview. Making me smile is a requirement for all my favorite players.

2 Responses

  1. Lori Thompson

    I'm not surprised. I bought his jersey last year before the season even started. I loved the fact that he had the highest score on the Wunderlich at the combine. He's smart, has amazing hands that seem to bring down whatever Matt throws up (probably related to his basketball skills from HS), and is a good blocker. Total package.

    The other factor in his favor, he's not exactly hard on the eyes.

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