Analysis: Alexander has a cracked bone in his wrist

Alright. Are you really surprised? Holmgren announced today that Shaun’s wrist injury is a small crack, not a sprain.

Wave your hands wildly and freak out!! The world is spinning out of control!! Oh no!!

Obviously, I’m not as worked up about this as some. Does it matter? Absolutely. Shaun is already a tentative runner, and this makes him even more so. I noted last week that he was clearly effected by the injury.

Is it crippling? Absolutely not. Look, I’ll be doing a little more analysis of Shaun’s first three games (similar to what I did for Matt) later, but 100 yards in 2 of the first three games is good no matter how you cut it. I will be the first to agree the running game has been mediocre at best so far. I think a lot more of that is due to the line than Shaun or his injury. When they start opening holes, Shaun will still run through ’em.

One thing I am BEGGING for here is to stop throwing Shaun the ball. He had bricks for hands before wearing a cast. Otherwise, let’s go on about our business and save our hand wringing for a critical game this week.