NFC Stock Market Week 3

Each week I will take a look at what happened for the Seahawks and the NFC and update my predicted record for the Hawks and the Top 5 teams in the NFC. I will try to do this each Wednesday.

Seahawks Stock: Rising
Pre-season Predicted Record: 10-6
Current Predicted Record: 10-6

A win this week in SF would likely bump my predicted record to 11-5. I am predicting we will gain a victory in STL that I had as a loss in the pre-season based on where things are going with both teams. That balances out the unexpected loss last week in Arizona. A win this week would really set us up nicely for the division.

NFC Top 5

  1. Dallas Cowboys (Rising): There is no question the Cowboys are the class of the NFC right now. They are playing with confidence and talent on both sides of the ball. They don’t get into divisional games until the second half of the season. The Hawks need Philly and Washington to be good teams if they want a shot at home field advantage.
  2. Carolina Panthers (Neutral): They struggled with Atlanta on the road, which is not encouraging if your a Panthers fan. However, this team is in the top 5 in the NFC in YPC (for & against), YPA (for & against), pts/game, red zone offense and red zone defense. Their matchup with Tampa this week will be telling for both teams.
  3. Seattle Seahawks (Rising): A win this week in SF makes this team legit. If we see a showing similar to the Cards game, I’ll be hard-pressed to keep them ranked this highly.
  4. Green Bay Packers (Rising): The Pack has beaten Philly, NYG and San Diego. They walloped the Hawks in pre-season enough that is was impressive even though most of the Hawks stars did not suit up. Their defense is for real, but their offensive numbers don’t seem sustainable. Let’s see what happens when they hit the road.
  5. Philadelphia Eagles (Rising): Close call with the Redskins and Bucs, but Philly has the horses to be there in the end. Their losses are @ GB and against the Redskins. Their offensive and defensive stats are impressive.