About this blog

I decided to start this blog because I was sick of reading regurgitated quotes from press conferences and mindless feature stories. Local media members are constrained by the need to be objective, maintain a working relationship with the team, and deadlines. It’s led to a lot of bad habits. Most daily stories seem like cut-ups of the previous day’s press conferences and interviews. They get in a rhythm and just keep churning out stories driven by the quotes they get from players and coaches instead of actual evaluation. National media flys in and out and has almost zero credibility in their analysis. I can point out errors (many significant) in almost every national season preview. They are after breadth, not depth.

Columnists are supposed to be able to break the boundaries a bit more, but none of them seem to know any more about football than I do, and most of them are not die-hard fans. That matters because unless you know what it’s like to have your whole day ruined by the Seahawks losing, you really don’t have the motivation to analyze the keys to predicting a win and a loss.

I promise in this blog to provide a perspective without the constraints of the media. I will call people out. I will evaluate what I see, hear and read, and provide a unique perspective. And because I’m not a newspaper or TV station, if there is nothing interesting to say, I won’t say anything. I’m aiming for quality.

I have a day job that ends up being more like a day/night/weekend job, so no promises on responsiveness here. This is not the place to go to find breaking news. This is the place to go to discuss things that matter to Hawks fans.

Thanks for reading.