You think our running game is bad now?

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It seems that the whole running game controversy is focused on whether Maurice Morris or Shaun should be our starter. I’ve got the answer: neither.

We clearly have to have a starter, but we don’t have a starting caliber RB on the team right now, and I wonder if the team really realizes that. Shaun is no longer dependable, and Morris is a 27-year-old career backup. He may be the best we have this year, but that doesn’t mean he’s good enough.

I also look at the offensive line and see a sharply declining Walter Jones and no great backup. Ray Willis is hopefully good, but who knows? Spencer and Sims were supposed to be great, and neither is doing it so far. I’d much rather see someone force the job away from Walt with great play than be handed the job because of his decline.

I sure hope this is a good year for RBs and offensive lineman in the draft.