NFC Stock Market Week 13

I will take a look at what happened for the Seahawks and the NFC each week and update my predicted record for the Hawks and the Top 5 teams in the NFC. I will try to do this each Wednesday.

Seahawks Stock: Rising
Pre-season Predicted Record: 10-6
Current Predicted Record: 11-5

In my predictions, I had them losing @ Carolina and @ Philly and at home against Baltimore. I see them winning at least two of those games (one down, one to go). Balancing those with their unexpected losses at Arizona and Cleveland (at least unexpected in my preview), brings us to 11-5. I don’t think it’s totally impossible to run the table, although I’m not sure this team has reached that level of consistency yet.

NFC Top 5

  1. Dallas Cowboys (Neutral): They were who I thought they were! They can be a dominant offensive team, but are longer on talent than on character. I think they will have trouble in close games since they’ve had very few of them.
  2. Green Bay Packers (Rising): That’s a pretty good team. Aaron Rodgers is not a good QB, but they managed to make him look like a budding star due to outstanding athletes at WR. Most of his throws were under 10 yards.
  3. Seattle Seahawks (Rising): This team is closing the gap with the big boys. They have won two close games on the road, and they trailed in both. Their defense stood out, and that the experience of winning tight games on the road will be a requirement in the playoffs.
  4. Tampa Bay (Rising): I thought this team was much more dependent on Garcia that it showed this weekend. I’m not sure they could sustain much without him though.
  5. Minnesota Vikings (Rising): Record be damned. Forget the severely limited QB. This team might have the best defense in the NFC and smashmouth running game. Nobody wants them in the playoffs. They remind me a bit of the Ravens SuperBowl team.