Panthers & Seahawks Recent Performance

I mentioned that the Panthers have been really struggling on offense and defense in the last few games. I was curious how much of a disparity in the numbers between the Hawks and the Panthers. Here’s what I found over the last seven games for each team:

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Carolina Panthers Seattle Seahawks
PTS/Game For
Top Passer
Top Rusher
PTS/Game Against

Clearly, nobody should be expecting a running showcase. As bad as that 12 pts/game is for the Panthers, it’s inflated by a 31 pt game against the 49ers. They have not scored more than 17 in any of the other six games. The Hawks, on the other hand, have not scored under 24 points in any of the last seven games. They are now 16-4 over the past two seasons when scoring 20 points or more, and 9-1 when they score more than 20 pts this year.

That top passer stat is nuts for the Panthers. What will they do against one of the hottest pass rushes and secondaries in the NFL this week?