I have been accused of being bitter. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe. People who know me, know that I am one of the most positive people around who always sees the glass as half full.

Okay, that’s total BS. I moan as much as anyone. Seeing as I bitch the most about people that take one point of view blindly, I figured it was only right that I try to look past my growing anti-Ruskell bias and look at the last few drafts to see if I’m overstating things.

I took a very unscientific approach here. Embedded is a spreadsheet of all the Seahawks draft picks since 2000. Ruskell’s first draft was in 2005. I am going to consider all previous draft picks those of Mike Holmgren since I don’t believe that fat guy before Ruskell was anything but a donut boy.

I graded each draft pick based on their contribution to the team. I did not give higher grades for good value. In other words, I graded solely on the player’s contributions to the Seahawks instead of a relative scale based on where they were picked. The scale I used was sorta like this:

A – Starter who made a significant contribution
B – Player who may be a mediocre starter or regularly contributing reserve
C – Reserve
D – Bad reserve
F – Totally useless

I then gave a gut feel overall grade for each draft.

Ruskell’s grades were:
2005 – A
2006 – B
2007 – C

Holmgren’s grades were:
2000 – B
2001 – A
2002 – D
2003 – A
2004 – A

In 4 of 5 Holmgren drafts, at least two players became significant starters for the team. The same could be said for 2 of 3 Ruskell drafts. Holmgren draft 5 players that have made the Pro Bowl. Ruskell has drafted…1.

Take a look for yourself, and if you would like access to the spreadsheet to add your own grades, drop me a comment and I can add you as an author.

7 Responses

  1. cwu91

    This tells me all I need to know about Bryant…from nfl.com

    “In the eight games that he appeared in for the Aggies in 2006, they allowed just 75.35 yards per game on the ground. In the five contests Bryant sat out due to a knee injury, TAMU was tagged for 229.2 yards per game rushing.”

  2. hawkblogger

    I like that pick. It’s great that it breaks out of the ruskell mold. At 6’4 and 320lbs, he’s not exactly Chuck Darby.

  3. cwu91

    Howard taken two spots before the Hawks by the colts….maybe Rang is right about Lynch after all.