Mike Holmgren: Past, Present and Future

Take a long look at Mike Holmgren when he shakes Mike Nolan’s hand this Sunday. You might see him utter the words, “See you next year.”

Anyone that has paid attention to Holmgren, the 49ers and pro sports can see that all signs point towards Holmgren resurfacing with the 49ers either next year or the year after. He got started in SF and often talks about it glowingly. He coached there in the glory years, and seeing the franchise struggle is hard for him. Remember, this is a guy that loves to turn around franchises, and has done it both in Green Bay and Seattle.

The 49ers have a weak front office and a coach on the ropes. Their biggest question mark is Holmgren’s biggest strength, the QB position. He’d likely have the choice of being a coach/GM, just being a GM or a President, a la Bill Parcels.

I also wouldn’t underestimate the draw of being able to prove he is a better GM than Ruskell head-to-head. Any competitor would enjoy that.

The golden age of the Seahawks will officially be winding down when Holmgren steps on the stage to accept that new position.

Take it all in this Sunday, because it is likely the last time we will see Holmgren on our side of the field when the 49ers are in town.