What are you smoking?

I’m still trying to find some information that convinces me the Bills are a legit playoff contender. I just read this whale of an analysis in the Buffalo News.

The writer does a fair job of laying out why Bills fans should believe and why they should be worried. As a somewhat objective third party, I come to completely different conclusions than he does.

Forget our game against them for a second. Any team has a shot to win their home opener against any opponent. But if you look at the things he lists as questions marks, there does not appear to be much chance that those things *won’t* happen.

Look at the last two, for example. They have no pass rush and are questionable at the CB position. They added Marcus Stroud who has not registered more than 3 sacks since 2004. The writer blames a poor run defense last year leading to short 3rd downs. I got news for ya, buddy. If your corners aren’t covering long enough, your pass rush will never get home. If your pass rush is not getting home quickly enough, poor corners get exposed.

It’s a vicious cycle. We’ve seen it work the other way around. That’s a virtuous cycle for those keeping score at home.

He also calls our their lack of weapons on offense, specifically WR and TE. How do you get past that? We all saw last season in SF what happens when you have a team with a great running back and weak passing game. The league learns.

Lastly, how does Trent Edward get a free pass? The guy has played in 10 NFL games. How many times has his passer rating eclipsed 90? The correct answer is twice. His QB rating was UNDER 70 *six* times! Please get me some of the kool-aid they are drinking.