2010 Seahawks Draft: Reactions After Day 2

the soccer stadium with the bright lights

It’s hard to argue with the quality of talent the Seahawks have added after two days. Each of the three players selected has a chance to be a significant contributor to the Hawks for years to come.

Okung and Thomas were such obvious choices, it was hard to really gauge the persona of a Schneider/Carroll front office. Golden Tate in the 2nd told us a lot more. There were QBs, DEs, and taller WRs available. They chose a guy who was graded in the first round by many draft experts and was in the top half of the 2nd round by all the others. This looks like a great value pick at a position of need. People are comparing Tate to Hines Ward. High praise.

I watched Tate tear through the Huskies last season and left impressed with his tenacity, if not with his overall skill level. If his hands continue to be reliable and he is willing to take a hit, he can be a strong addition to our attack. And with a name like Golden Tate, doesn’t he just have to be good?

At the time of this post, the Seahawks were leading the ESPN national web poll for who had the strongest draft through three rounds. I’m not sure how they left the Lions off that list (Suh and Best are great pickups), but I’ll take it over Lamar King and Lawrence Jackson head-scratchers any day.

Ruskell was obsessed with picking the guy nobody else valued. That kind of arrogance will always come back to bite you. There is no shame in picking a player that is coveted by many teams and pundits, and for that, I thank our new front office.

My only criticism thus far is our lack of a 3rd round pick. This is a tough year to go the entire 3rd round without a selection. We’re the sixth pick in the 4th round, and should have a shot at someone solid to add.

I’d love to see another lineman like OT Bruce Campbell who tore up the combine, but didn’t play well enough in college to warrant a high selection, or DE Everson Griffen who is thought to be a pretty gifted pass rusher. There are also some decent RBs left in Jonathan Dwyer, Joe McKnight and LeGarrette Blount.

Should be fun.