Hasselbeck for Brandon Marshall???

I’ve already made it clear that I think acquiring a selfish, cancer like Brandon Marshall is not a wise move at any price. However, since the rumor will not die, I started wondering this morning if a couple of Seahawks moves indicate this move is coming on draft day.

Everyone (other than the Broncos) seem to agree that nobody will give up a 1st round pick for Marshall. When the Seahawks traded for Charlie Whitehurst, they swapped second round picks with the Chargers which moved them down 20 spots. Rob Rang mentioned the other day that there are ~45 players in this year’s draft that have 1st round grades. That means that the first few picks of the 2nd round qualify as 1st round talent. The pick the Hawks traded away to the Chargers is generally valued as a 1st rounder. So, we had a 2nd round pick that was essentially a 1st rounder, and a WR who merits no more than a 2nd rounder in return. Now we have a true 2nd round pick, but…

I don’t know that even this rookie front office would lose their 2nd round pick in a deep draft with so many areas of need. That brings me to the other rumor, which is trading Hasselbeck to a team like the Vikings for a 2nd rounder (theirs is #62). What would make some sense is to see the Hawks acquire another 2nd round pick that is then sacrificed for Marshall. Essentially, it would be a Hasselbeck for Marshall swap.

You could start to see the logic of these moves, as it would leave the Hawks with a QB that has a stronger arm than Matt, and the mobility to buy some time behind a developing offensive line, that would have a dangerous receiving corps to make defenses think twice about blitzes.