Possible Trade-Down Targets

I remain convinced the Seahawks will attempt to trade down from #14. It wouldn’t completely shock me if they trade down from both #6 and #14, but if the right franchise lineman is available at #6, it’s unlikely they will pass him up.

Earlier, I made the case for Ryan Mathews as a player I’d love to grab later in the first round. The chances that an Alex Gibbs team takes a RB in the first round are not high. Who else might be in our sights later in the 1st round?

The name that jumped out to me was Taylor Mays. Most mock drafts have him going after the 24th pick.

DT Jared Odrick is another possibility. An active lineman out of Penn State that is considered the #3 DT in the draft and equally strong against the run and the pass. He sounds a little too much like the rest of the DT we have.

QB Jimmy Clausen is not a guy I want on our team, but it would not shock me to see the Hawks trade down and get him after the 20th pick if he is still on the board. Many reports have him plummeting down the draft board.

If the Seahawks can pick up a 3rd round pick by trading down, you do it. If you can pick up a second round pick, you definitely do it. If you can grab a 1st round pick in next year’s draft from a team that might compete for that #1 overall selection, you dance a jig.

The Seahawks will not be contenders next year. We need to be looking to be back on our feet by the 2011 season. Every pick we get makes that more likely.