Ranking The Teams Within The Team: #8 – Kickers

Just for kicks, I decided to take a look at the various units on the Seahawks team and attempt to project how good, or bad, they may be in the upcoming season. I ranked the units based on their top-end potential as well as their low-end potential, and also how much confidence there was in predicting their performance. Here are the units that I ranked (in no particular order):

Offensive line
Running backs
Wide receivers
Tight ends
Defensive line

#8 – The Kickers

Potential Stars in 2010: None
Sorry, as much I liked Jeff Feagles and Josh Brown, I don’t consider kickers stars.

Potential Disasters: Jon Ryan
Who can ever tell with punters?

Easiest Players To Project: Olindo Mare
Mare missed all of two field goals last season (although they were costly misses!). He may not be as good as he was the last two seasons, but it’s unlikely he’ll have a massive drop-off.

We are in a reasonably strong position at kicker, although it’s hard to say how long we’ll enjoy the stability. Punters are flaky and Mare is old.