You’re welcome, and I’m sorry

the soccer stadium with the bright lights

Folks, it was time. I knew it. HawkBloggerWife knew it. HawkBloggerKids knew it. The Seattle Seahawks shirt I bum around in every morning needed to be washed. Even the cotton threads that made up the shirt were begging to breathe free once again. With superstitious reluctance, I threw it in the laundry machine with many pieces of lesser apparel to be relentlessly drowned, twirled and cleansed. It seemed a cruel fate for such a great and powerful shirt to be forced to mingle in such close quarters with underthings and clothes that can claim no power to influence the future. This magical garment, after all, has started and stopped Seahawks win streaks in the past few years. The moments when I choose to wash it are of great import to anyone who loves this team.

It was a risk to break this unwashed stretch after such a great win last weekend, but there are moments when you must make a decision that could be negative in the short-term in order to set yourself up for long-term success. I believe this team is good enough to overcome the potential bad luck I caused this morning, and will be emboldened for a long run of great play that will match the crispness of my now clean shirt.

I write this message mainly as a public service to let other Seahawks fans know that this may not be the best week to violated their superstitions. There is only so much bad mojo a team can be expected to overcome.