The Morning After: Seahawkalypse Now, Raiders Beat Seahawks, 33-3

I can’t believe the news today

Oh, I can’t close my eyes and make it go away

How long, how long must we sing this song?

How long? How long?

‘Cause tonight we can be as one, tonight

Broken bottles under children’s feet

Bodies strewn across the dead end streets

But I won’t heed the battle call

It puts my back up, puts my back up against the wall

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

I’m not going to lie to you. Every fiber of my Seahawks-being was screaming loss, and probably a bad loss, before the first snap. Nothing about this game felt right. The Seahawks had not produced a total stinker yet, despite being a team with obvious flaws. Three victories in a row for a team still finding its footing seemed unrealistic. That said, the season has been unrealistic so far. The point here is more that losing this game was not something unexpected. Being sodomized and hospitalized was a little more shocking. 
Blame me for the injuries. I had planned to start a series on who the most valuable and irreplaceable Seahawks were in this surprising season. Among the first names that came to mind were Red Bryant, Matt Hasselbeck, Mike Williams, Russell Okung, and Colin Cole. All of those players either entered, or exited, this game injured. Red Bryant is by far the most devastating. He is a primary reason the team has been elite against the run. Success stopping the run is a primary reason the Seahawks are better than anticipated this year. Expect to see EJ Wilson get some reps for the first time this season in upcoming games.
Crippling injuries can be overcome when facing weak teams. The Seahawks are in their toughest stretch, and these injuries could derail the season. Expect to hear the catcalls all week from trolls who will love to say, “I told you so” about the Seahawks. They will take the team’s worst moment, magnify the complete and total domination by a mediocre AFC team, and dismiss any improvements the team has made. This was the type of loss that starts you back at square one from a credibility perspective. The Seahawks *own* square one, so nothing new there. Don’t waste your time pointing out the flaws in those arguments. Take the week off. Dial back in for the Giants game and hope there is a better outcome. The next six days are going to be a pity party with the pile-on local media leading the conga line. Steve Kelley should be making a nauseating appearance in 3…2…1…
This game was largely decided in the first 20 minutes despite a 3-0 score. Seattle’s offensive line was dominated to such a degree that lineman were getting knocked out of the game with concussions and the offense had more negative plays than positive. The Raiders defensive line played out of its mind, and the Seahawks offensive line was totally over-matched. This was a Raiders team that was being gashed against the run and was mediocre rushing the QB before Sunday. What happened? The Seahawks certainly left Oakland dazed. That was not the team they saw on film. 
Pete Carroll now gets to show us how he handles adversity. This was a loss like no other so far. The team now moves onto a rested Giants team that has a better defensive line than the Raiders, and a superior offense. Expect some amount of overconfidence from the Giants after they watch this debacle and take the 20 minutes necessary to read the injury report, but the Seahawks will need more than to be overlooked. Carroll will have to show how he can lead through the valleys, and not just the peaks. A storm is rolling in. Return to your seats and brace for some turbulence. 
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  1. Good post. Well said. I looked forward to the Giants game not only because I'm attending that game, but because we'll see how the Seahawks fare against a fringe contender.

    Now, I'm a bit disheartened. The loss stung, a lot, but the injuries were just devastating. It's tough looking forward to a game when many of your best, most important players likely won't take the field.

    How the Seahawks handle themselves over the next few weeks will likely define the season, and additionally what we can expect from Pete Carroll.

  2. Agreed Nick. The wrath injuries in this game is devastating. The game is won and lost in the trenches and we now have a good 6 players on either side down with injuries. The o-line was bad enough without Okung in there, now, down to some 3rd stringers against a ridiculous Giants d-line…scary stuff. The only good thing is that this IS team in rebuilding mode. And after seeing this past off season, i know for a fact,this o-line will be changing dramatically after this season (hopefully for the better). For the time being, i just hope Hasselback is not the 6th QB to be injured from these Giants…i'll be the first to admit that he is not the QB he once was, it is obvious that CW is not the next hawks QB and Hass is the only shot we have for some victories this season.

  3. great post as usual, you really have a talent for words…I must say I was shocked about our offense, especially the OL. It was painful to watch how every running play (except those negated by holding calls) were blown up behind the line of scrimmage already…the defense hung in there but they eventually succumbed to the injuries and the lack of production by the offense..I also think our receivers are not as good as we thought and that includes BMW (I know you love him)…Butler showed he's got a long way to go too….on paper the Giants game might be as painfull as the Raiders game if not worse…hoping for the best I guess…

  4. Slight thread hijack but have some (good?) news on Red's injury.

    According to Seahawks Insider Red has a MCL tear – I thought the worst on this as I was convinced that this type of tear is more severe than an ACL, but seemingly not.

    Normally it requires no surgery but he's been shipped straight in so this must be a grade III tear; a tear which takes 3-4 months to heal.

    Gutted for the man though, as he was playing to a near pro bowl level in my humble opinion. Still, if we can put some positive spin on it, this does allow him ample time to rehab and get back to doing what he does best…stopping the run!

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