Seattle Seahawks 2010 NFC West Champs – Sights & Sounds

They did it. The first team to go 7-9 and win a division title, the team that nobody in the country (including some in their own city) wanted to make it into the playoffs, dominated their division rival when it counted. A full write-up will be posted tomorrow, as usual, but I wanted to post some pics and video to capture the evening. Enjoy. Feel free to add your own links in the comments section as a “Picture/Video Wall” of sorts. Trust me, you’ll enjoy looking back at this post down the road.

Salmon does it’s best Sam Bradford impersonation before the game

Seattle putting on its own pre-game show for NBC. Gorgeous night.

Video of Qwest crowd revving up during introductions:

Video of Raheem Brock sacking Sam Bradford in the closing seconds of the game:

Video of closing seconds of the win from Qwest:

ESPN Home Page after the victory