Seahawks Draft Q&A @

Ryan Burns, of, asked me a few questions about the Seahawks in anticipation of the draft this Thursday. Here’s an excerpt of the article:

Q:  First, the 600-lb gorilla. Quarterback in the first round?  If so, which one(s) are you hoping for?
A:  Not to be all self-promoting out of the gate, but I just wrote that taking a QB in the first round not named Gabbert or Newton would be a mistake. Hitching your wagon to a guy who is almost certainly not first round talent in the first round is almost never a good idea. Finding a guy in the 2nd or 3rd is less fatalistic (e.g., would Carolina be drafting a QB #1 if Clausen was a 1st rounder last year? I think not), and I think anyone in the Kaepernick, Locker, Dalton, Ponder, Mallett group would be an acceptable risk in those rounds. My personal preference is Kaepernick because he’s got the same ceiling as these other guys, but seems to be getting discounted due to poor mechanics which makes it more likely we can nab him later.
Q:  Other than QB, what is the one position they absolutely must address in the first 3 rounds?

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