Names To Consider On Day Two

50 yard line on an american football field
Seattle owns two more picks today. One in the second round (#43), and one in the third (#75). The upshot of the Seahawks losing the coin flip with Kansas City for the 11th pick in the draft is they they get the 11th pick in the 2nd round. The teams will alternate between 11th and 12th pick each round. Take a look at Seattle’s needs  coming into the draft (in no particular order):

– Pass-rush: has to be at least one defensive end, but could also include a defensive tackle and linebacker
– Linebacker (could be any of the spots, but SAM or MIKE are most logical)
– Nickel Safety (think Atari Bigby)
– Touchdown-making pass catcher, either Tight End or Split End
– Running Back
– Young Quarterback

Pete Carroll and John Schneider made their first dent in the pass rush problem by drafting Bruce Irvin. There are some interesting names for the Seahawks to consider adding to the mix.

RB LaMichael James
RB Isaiah Pead
RB Chris Polk
TE Coby Fleener
WR Stephen Hill
LB Lavonte David
LB Andre Branch
LB Mychal Kendricks
LB Sean Spence
LB Ronnell Lewis
DT Devon Still
DT Jerel Worthy
DE Cam Johnson
DE Vinny Curry
QB Kirk Cousins

Carroll has talked a lot about valuing “touchdown-makers.” Drafting a running back in the second round would have to mean the team sees a major offensive contributor that they can’t get later. It becomes less of a surprise if they spend their third round pick on one. Taking a tight end or wide receiver could also happen, with tight end being the more obvious way to go given the current roster.

There is fantastic quality at linebacker through the second round. Taking a player like David would most likely throw LeRoy Hill’s spot into question, but David is exactly the type of play-making missile the team hopes for at linebacker. Kendricks would solidify K.J. Wright’s position at SAM. Guys like Branch or Lewis would mean Wright would slide over to MIKE so they could play SAM.

Most intriguing would be if the team went pass-rushing defensive end again. Players like Johnson and Curry could be very tempting, and adding them would call into question whether Chris Clemons plays for the team in 2012. He could become trade bait for adding another 3rd or 4th round pick. Knowing that Clemons likely leaves the team next season, would you rather have Irvin, Johnson/Curry and an extra 3rd/4th round pick or Irvin and Clemons? The front office has to at least consider it.

Taking a defensive tackle would be about value over need. Fletcher Cox was a guy who would have been an ideal interior pass rusher that the team passed on, so they obviously feel somewhat comfortable with what they have on the roster.

A quarterback this early could happen, but it’s more likely the front office waits until the 4th.

Trading back is a real possibility. Seattle could add another 4th or 5th by moving back in the 2nd round, and still get a quality starter. The choices the team makes today will answer the question about how the starting linebacker crew will shape up. Either the team will add an exciting talent that effects the depth chart, or they will choose other positions and indicate Wright, Barrett Ruud and Hill will be the starters.