I have argued that he is the greatest Seahawk player of them all. He still represents this blog on my Twitter account. An all-time great Seahawks player and person returns to town tonight. Matt Hasselbeck will get the start for the opposing team, but deserves an ovation he will remember.

Being a Seahawks fan is about more than celebrating the players wearing the jerseys today, it is about honoring the ones who have made the jersey matter. Hasselbeck has been everything this town could ask for on, and off the field.

I will be wearing my #8 jersey, and I encourage any of you that have one to dig it out of the closet and put it on tonight. Cheer for Matt, and then cheer for Bruce Irvin to sack him five times.

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2 Responses

  1. Geoff

    I agree with you about his standing in Seahawks lore. I will be wearing my blue #8 Jersey at sitting at home tonight, three time zones away on the east coast as I tune in to the NFL network at 10pm.

    Go Hawks
    Matt: may you throw a pick six…

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Matt:

    We want the ball and we're gonna score.


    The 12th man