Zeek’s Pizza + Hawk Blogger = Tasty Charity

Horizontal American Style Football in high contrast on black

Those of you that have read this blog for a while, know that I currently donate all proceeds I make from ads or reader purchases (tickets or gear links above) to Ben’s Fund. We are really just getting started, and I am pleased to announce today what might be the best promotion yet.

Nothing goes better with football than pizza, and there is no better pizza in the Seattle area than Zeek’s Pizza. Today, I am pleased to announce that 10% of every order you make with Zeek’s Pizza will go directly to Ben’s Fund when you mention “Hawk Blogger.”

The call center’s for Zeek’s are prepped, and you must order via phone for this to work.

I will continue to look for great ways to tie charities I care about, the game I love, the team I love, and this blog together. If you have a business that would like to join the party, please email me.

For everyone else, eat some Zeek’s Pizza!