Fun with numbers: Through Week 16

It is time for some stat porn, Seahawks style. Enjoy in the comfort of your own home. These may not be safe for work viewing.

I will be updating this as time allows…

– The 49ers had not allowed 4 touchdown passes to an opponent since Drew Brees did in 2007.

– Russell Wilson is one touchdown shy of tying Peyton Manning’s rookie touchdown record, but you knew that. Wilson has reached 25 touchdowns in over 200 fewer attempts. He is averaging a touchdown every 15 attempts. Manning threw a touchdown every 22 attempts.

– Wilson has thrown only 10 interceptions. Manning threw 28.
– Wilson is approaching another record. No rookie quarterback has ever had 15 more touchdowns than interceptions in a season. Dan Marino had 14 (20 TDs / 6 INT). Robert Griffin III and Wilson both are +15 with one game to go.
– There have been two other Seahawks quarterbacks that started more than 14 games as rookies, Jim Zorn and Rick Mirer. They threw for a combined 24 touchdowns and 44 interceptions.
– Wilson is 0.3 points shy of posting the highest passer rating in Seahawks franchise history. Matt Hasselbeck posted a 98.2 rating in 2005. Wilson stands at 98.0.
– Wilson is 0.2 points shy of beating Ben Roethlisberger’s record for rookie passer rating of 98.1. Griffin is at 104.1, so he will likely end up above Wilson.
– Marshawn Lynch becomes the 4th player in franchise history to rush for over 1,400 yards in a season. Shaun Alexander did it three times, Curt Warner did it twice, and Chris Warren did it once. No player has ever done it in fewer than Lynch’s 279 attempts. 
– Lynch is averaging 5.02 yards per carry, which is within striking distance of Alexander’s franchise record 5.08 YPC (min 250 attempts)

Richard Sherman leads the NFL in passes defensed with 23, and is 2nd in the NFL with 7 interceptions

– Sherman has 7 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, 2 touchdown returns, and a sack. Only two other players in NFL history have accomplished that, Ed Reed and Charles Woodson.

– Bobby Wagner has 130 tackles, 3 INT, and 2.0 sacks. Only Zack Thomas (1996) has matched, or bested, each of those numbers as a rookie
– Seahawks rookies played a total of 336 snaps in the game against San Francisco. The 49ers rookies played a total of 25 snaps.

– The 176 yards rushing for the Seahawks Sunday were the most allowed by the 49ers since 2010, and only the 3rd time it has happened since Patrick Willis was drafted in 2007

– The Seahawks are 32 yards away from breaking the franchise record for rushing yards in a season, set by the 2005 squad.

– The Seahawks have won 10+ games for just the sixth time in franchise history. They have won 10 games four times, 12 games once, and 13 games once. They have never won 11 games in a season.
– The 2012 Seahawks are 27 points shy of being the second-highest scoring offense in team history behind the 2005 team.

– The Seahawks have scored touchdowns on 17 of their last 31 drives (excluding kneel downs), or 54.8%. Only 13 teams in the NFL have a better red zone touchdown percentage than that. This is possibly the most ridiculous stat of the bunch. Seattle is more likely to score a touchdown from a drive starting anywhere on the field the last 3+ weeks than most teams are when they have the ball inside their opponents 20-yard line.

– Seattle is allowing an averaged of 11.8 points per game in the last four games

– The Seahawks lead the NFL in points allowed in the second half of games. They allow an average of less than a touchdown per game in the second half (6.9)

– After allowing 162 yards rushing per game and a 5.9 YPC in games 8-12 of the season, the Seahawks defense has allowed an average of 81 yards rushing and 4.3 YPC in the last three games.

– Seattle has turned the ball over one or fewer times in six of their last seven games.

– The average opponent passer rating in the last three games is 48.8

– Seattle has had 8 games where they have rushed for 170 yards or more. The last time that was done in a season was the 2004 Atlanta Falcons. Only six teams have accomplished the feat since 1990. Of those six teams, one team won the Super Bowl, two lost in their conference championship, one lost in divisional round, and two lost in the wild card round.

– Seattle has six wins against teams with winning records. No other team has won more than four games against teams with winning records.