Thanks A Million!

From free agent Julius Jones to free agent Antoine Winfield, from starting cornerback Kelly Jennings to starting cornerback Richard Sherman, from drafting Aaron Curry to drafting Russell Wilson, it has been a pleasure to share my thoughts and analysis with all of you the past six years. After happily writing in obscurity for the first three years, totaling somewhere around 60,000 views, it is more than a little surreal to celebrate crossing the 1,000,000 views threshold this past week.

I started this blog because I had nobody I could obsess about the Seahawks with in my life. And, clearly, I am obsessed. I used to read the Seattle Times, Seattle PI and Tacoma News Tribune Seahawks coverage every day. Commenting on articles was not enough. My hope was that I could pour my obsession into a sort of diary and eventually build a small community to discuss Seahawks football with.

The last two years have turned this hobby into a home away from home. I have met players, coaches, media members, but far more meaningfully, I have met many of you. Only the truly fanatical Seahawks fan would have found their way to this small corner of the Internet. I write now for more than just myself. Seeing people reading and discussing this blog is among the most humbling and rewarding experiences of my life.

In many ways, it was easier when nobody was reading. I could go months without writing an article and few, if any, folks would notice. It was easier to call a player or a coach out when I didn’t know they might read what I wrote. I still don’t pull any punches, but it has forced me to be more certain of the points I want to make and more clear in how I state my case.

Those of you that have full-time jobs and kids know that life becomes about priorities as you get older. I do not get to discuss things as much with people on this blog as I would like, but I have used Twitter as a way to have the conversation I always hoped to find regarding the Seahawks. The age of stories written 140 characters at a time is upon us. The amount of people that “read” my stories by simply reading the headline on Twitter grows every day. But so does the number of people like you that read the full story and challenge me or agree with me. I love the debate nearly as much as I love the writing.

The next chapter in this blogs story is yet to be written. I rarely think beyond the next article, and only this year attempted to make any money from it, in order to donate it all to Ben’s Fund via FEATofWA. I would love to find a Seahawks fan that has web development skills that likes the idea of building a better Seahawks blogging web site. I would like to find a way for the community to contribute content beyond commenting. I probably will stay independent, after turning down a variety of offers to join larger blog networks. I already have one job. I’d hate for this blog to become an obligation instead of a passion. Mostly, I just plan to continue writing when time allows and inspiration strikes. This should be the most exciting period of Seahawks football in franchise history. I can’t wait to obsess about it with all of you.

Thanks for reading, and making my experience as a rabid Seahawks fan, so much more fulfilling. Go Hawks!