The Battle Looms

Defensive backs take part of their traditional pregame huddle before taking the field for warmups.

Bill Conti – Going The Distance

Meant to be read with audio playing, and speakers on.

They come with the belief that nobody has it better than them. Seattle is ready to prove them wrong once again. There will be no surprises when these two titans collide Sunday evening. San Francisco will try to intimidate. They will celebrate every landed punch. Every failure will be someone else’s fault.

“They’re winning because they’re cheating.” – Jim Harbaugh

A team psyche built on a foundation of arrogance fractures when faced with their own mortality.  Apollo Creed knocks down Rocky early in the fight and assumes he has won. Rocky gets up. Creed begins to realize his confidence, his skill, the measure of just who he is will be tested. That was the story of the Seahawks and 49ers in 2012. Seattle bloodied the 49ers when San Francisco thought nobody could. They saw nobody as their equal. The division title belt was held up just a little lower as doubt began to creep in about just who was the best team in the NFC West. 
We return now for the sequel. The champ will not underestimate his opponent this time. He is out to prove that the last match was a fluke born out of his own oversight. 

“We’re going up there to prove that’s not who we are,” Colin Kaepernick, referring to the 42-13 loss

The challenger enters the ring not close to full strength. Key aspects of their attack and defense are absent, but nothing can diminish their will. Biceps can be kissed. Blows can be landed. Seattle will keep coming. The champ will soon face the reality that their title is at risk. It may be after Kam Chancellor knocks one of their players into the dark ages. It may come when Marshawn Lynch tramples their pride. Or when Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman take turns tormenting their former college captor. It will come, and when the champ glances upward for salvation, all they will see is 67,000 tormentors who have arrived with the sole purpose of breaking them. There will be no rescue. There will be no backup. There will be no mercy.

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