The Royal BALTYs: Fantasy Football Team Of The 12th Man

So, our draft is complete. Crown Royal had offered to fly me out to Baltimore and sit in a suite for a draft party, but alas, work and home commitments precluded any such fun. Instead, they sent me a box full of Crown Royal product–which may be better than a plane ride across the country anyway–and swag. And there should be more coming. There have been two winners so far that helped name the team and do player rankings for the draft. If the Cowboys are America’s team, The Royal BALTYs are meant to be the fantasty team of the 12th man. All of you will manage it week-by-week. We will win together and lose together, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

There has been tremendous response to my call for weekly team coaches/managers. You can still add your name to the list by EMAILING ME.

NOTE: You must be 21 or older to participate. Prizes will only be mailed within the continental United States. 

Meet your team. There should be a few familiar names:

I will be selecting a new person to manage the team for next week, as we are locked in for this week. People will have freedom to make trades, set lineups and make waiver pickups. You are in charge!

Now let’s Reign On!

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