When 2005 = 2013

Most Seahawks fans use the 2005 season as the benchmark to which all other Seahawks teams should be measured. After all, they came closest to the ultimate prize. Mike Holmgren’s 2005 team was known for it’s offense. Specifically, the ground game behind Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson became legendary. Matt Hasselbeck guided an highly efficient passing attack to compliment the running game, leading to what many consider the most effective offense the Seahawks have ever put on the field.

There was a fair amount of hand-wringing following Sunday’s loss to the Colts. Most of it centered around the offense. Questions about why receivers were not getting separation popped up, among other things. I decided to see how this year’s Seahawk team fared when compared with that pinnacle Seahawks team of 2005. The results were surprising.

As you can see from the chart above, the two teams are nearly identical in every standard statistical category. The offense that has some folks worried this year is producing about three yards per game less than the one most consider the best in team history, and is scoring 0.8 ppg less. The 2013 squad is rushing for more yards and passing for about 10 fewer yards per game.

Nobody would point to the 2005 defense as being the best in team history, but that is the goal for this year’s squad. After allowing 10 points in the first two games, the Seahawks have allowed 17, 20, and 34 in their last three. That clearly needs to change.

There is little doubt this offense can be so much more than it is right now, considering the injuries and the time it can take to find a rhythm. The upcoming opponents may provide a chance to make gains in those areas. The defense should enjoy similar gains as they now have players back that can start settling into their roles.

In the meantime, both units will have to settle for matching the pace of the most successful team in Seahawks history.

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