NEW ISSUE: Hawk Blogger Weekly #HBW – Week 11

The response to last week’s launch of our new magazine, Hawk Blogger Weekly, was well beyond my expectations. And we are just getting started. This week, we welcome Anthony May as our guest photographer. The magazine cover, and all the story covers where you see AMP were shot by Anthony. He is a gifted photographer, good guy and a great 12. Give him a follow! I’d like to find other ways to make this a place to celebrate the work of other Seahawks fans, not just me. If you are a photographer, a writer, or have another idea for how you could be featured, please let me know.

This is primarily designed for tablet and phone viewing, as most of you are now reading my stuff there anyway, but it will work on the desktop. Thanks for your patience as we work out the kinks!


Past Issues Can Be Found Here