More Great Seahawks Coverage: Seahawk Addicts & HawkBlogger Join Forces! has been a one-person venture since I started it back in 2007. The whole lone wolf thing is great, but there is so much more Seahawks coverage I want to provide you all that I simply cannot deliver by myself. It is with that thought in mind that I am excited to announce a merging of and to make your visits to this site even more fruitful.

Life for you stays the same. Keep coming to this site for your Seahawks fix.

 Just expect more Seahawks news in addition to my continued focus on in-depth analysis.

There have been many chances to add more writers to this site, or take my writing to other sites (like the recent trial run over at Bleacher Report that I have since withdrawn from). This stood out as the right situation to add a talented writer in Matthew Heuett and a skilled Facebook manager in Mike Parker.

Matthew Heuett

Matthew has a master’s in English, and used to teach the subject. He may cringe at my grammar and typos, but will keep the quality bar high. Take a look at some of his work:

Seahawks 2013 Midpoint Analysis

A Closer Look at Marshawn Lynch (2012)

Matthew’s main job at HawkBlogger will be to provide more frequent news updates about what is happening with the Seahawks, but he will also write some analysis pieces from time-to-time.

Mike Parker

Mike will be helping to engage our growing Facebook community. If you have ever posted to Facebook hoping  to hear a response, you can celebrate having a guy like Mike around to get back to you in less than six months. 

Always Compete

We are committed to being a Seahawks source you respect and trust. Our product can always be improved, and we will look for chances to do just that. 
Please welcome Matthew and Mike, and be sure to give us feedback about what you like and do not like. 

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