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Gatorade Recognizes 12s As A Sports Icon

Gatorade approached me a couple months ago about an ad campaign they were going to run celebrating their 50th anniversary by commemorating 50 greatest sports moments over the last 50 years. They wanted to feature Seahawks fans, the 12s, as one of the fifty, right alongside Michael Jordan and a slew of other legends. It was, of course, fun to engage with Gatorade on a project like this, but also inspiring to know that we have all created something special enough to transcend the sport.

You have probably seen the Gatorade 50 commercial on TV by now. They chose a select few of those fifty moments to get a little extra treatment. You all were one of them. We collaborated on the script, and the results recently went live. Click on the link below to watch what we came up with to honor all of you. Go Hawks!

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