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History Beckons

Lose Yourself Instrumental

Meant to be read with audio playing and speakers on.

We gather once again. The road has been long and winding. Look to the left, and you will see a brother. Look to your right, and you will find a sister. Behind you lies the wreckage of teams who dared oppose this union of fan and team, owner and city. Days of dashed dreams have long since been replaced with resplendent reality. We come. We see. We win.

These are not your father’s Seahawks. Underdogs no longer, they are now simply dogs. Snarling. Ferocious. Tenacious. They say the bigger you are, the harder you fall, but men of all sizes fall hard when stung by these bolts of blue lightning.

Offensive stars may take some solace as they nurse their wounds knowing that their defensive compatriots will endure the same fate. There is no respite from the pain when playing these Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch will hit you every bit as hard as Kam Chancellor. His actions will result in your humiliation and agony, and he is all about that action, boss. The NFL will levy no fines for crushing your soul. His hits are ancestral. All of your past and future generations will feel the pain.

Shoulders can be dislodged from joints. Elbows may be rendered inoperable. And you will be left to wonder how much worse life would be if these players were fully healthy. They will read your mind, take your steps, and steal your pass. You will finally catch the ball and feel that moment of relief before a flying fist dislodges it from your grasp. Some people say they get a metallic taste before a cataclysmic medical moment, but make no mistake, you are not having a stroke or a seizure. You are playing the Seahawks.

Our opponent today is a worthy one. Their reign has been long and full of glory. Their coach and quarterback demand respect. They are who the Seahawks needed to play. The 49ers were said to be tougher. They fell. The Broncos were said to be unbeatable. They were beaten. Seattle is razing the hallowed halls of the NFL and erecting their own image. Teams fight it. Media fights it. The NFL fights it. The Seahawks win fights.

So national pundits can save their uninformed opinions, and the NFL can attempt to find more rules or fines to slow this ascendency. No dam can halt the advance of this rising tide. They are united in belief on the field, and we are united in propelling them off it.

As kickoff nears, think back to your first moment of Seahawks football. Remember how it came to be, what happened, and who you were with. Try to recall what brought you back for more. When did it become love? When did interest become passion? Consider all the people who you have met along the way who shared that passion. Imagine where they all are today, at this moment. Feel the power of a community so strong that it cannot be measured. We take the field today together. It is time to heed history’s call.

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