Named Best Podcast in Western Washington by King5!

This week’s episode is sponsored by Steam Donkey Brewery. The beer is amazing!

Danny Kelly of The Ringer, and formerly of Field Gulls, joins the show to talk Seahawks and what he is seeing across the rest of the NFL.

The Seahawks won convincingly for the second straight week, but lost a key player in left tackle George Fant. Jeff, Brian, and Evan discuss what they saw against the Vikings, as well as the recent trade for lineman Matt Tobin, while also taking some of your questions. Patrons are welcome to join the show, but spots are limited, so arrive early! Anyone can become a HB Patron at


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2 Responses

  1. Robert

    By far the *best* podcast you have done to date. Nice work Brian, Jeff, Evan and Danny! I still feel miserable about the OL. I don’t always see why it matters to worry about who will be the #1 RB on the depth chart because whoever it is will be hit behind the LOS far too often for my liking.