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Announcing the Real Hawk Talk 2019 Season Schedule

With the NFL season quick approaching, the Hawk Talk team is super excited to begin another season of talking Seahawks. You’re probably familiar with our regular season mid-week game previews — but this year we’re ecstatic to announce an additional podcast every single week: an immediate/post-game reaction pod (typically occurring about 30-45 minutes after each game).

A few weeks back we asked our community of listeners on Twitter if they would be interested in this type of content — and the answer was a resounding “YES”.

These pods will be full of raw emotion, therapeutic ranting, abundant gloating, and much more. They will typically be a bit shorter than our mid-week pod, lasting around 30-45 minutes. Don’t expect a ton of rational thoughts and opinions.

Along with announcing an additional weekly pod, we wanted to give our listeners a better sense of consistency, instead of constantly wondering when a new podcast will be released. We’ve set a schedule for both the preseason and the regular season — the postseason will be announced week of.

2 ways to ensure you’ll never miss a Hawk Talk podcast:

  • Subscribe to the Hawkblogger Youtube Channel to be notified of every single live podcast. We’ve uploaded the entire pre-season and regular season pod schedule into Youtube. You’ll never miss a beat.
  • If you’d like to add the Hawkblogger pod schedule to your personal calendar, you can also do that. Follow the 3 simple steps below.

3 simple steps to downloading the Hawk Talk schedule to a personal calendar

  • Go to your Google Calendar and select the settings gear icon
  • Import the .csv file to your personal calendar. You’re done!

We’re so excited to kick off another fun season of talking Seahawks football. If you have’t already, follow the Hawk Talk crew on Twitter: @nathane11, @hawkblogger, @realjeffsimmons, and @evanhillSEA.