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Free Agency Big Board

*last updated 3/15/15

Scoring the market

Whenever we are talking about this many players, it is useful to build your own scoring system to both explain what you value in a player and create a stack ranking that is easier to discuss and debate. I regularly value free agents for the Seahawks differently than others. My hope is this helps to explain how I arrive at those conclusions. 

Scoring factors

Short term impact – How much can the player impact the Seahawks in 2015?
Long term impact – How much can the player impact the Seahawks over the next 3+ years?
Scheme fit – How well does the player fit how Seattle plays, and what they ask of that position?
Need – How much do the Seahawks need to add a player that possesses these talents? This may differ by position. For example, the Seahawks need a receiver, but not a slot receiver. They need a DT, but not a 3T rush DT as much since they have Jordan Hill.
Cost – How expensive will this player be? A higher score means more expensive.
Risk – How likely is this player to earn the contract they would command? This takes into account confidence in a player’s performance, injury, off-field, and other things that could impact that question. A higher score means more risk. 
The formula I arrived at is:
(short term impact * 2) + (long term impact * 4) + (scheme fit * 3) + (need * 1.5) – (cost * 5) – (risk*3) = Score

I made one moderation for CB because I strongly believe spending big on another secondary position would be a mistake, so that position gets (cost * 6) instead of  (cost * 5).

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