I’ll admit to being a little frustrated by the rampant bitching going on among Seahawks fans. I’m also pretty frustrated that the coaching staff is refusing to commit to the running game. Softy and I discuss both in this week’s podcast.



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  1. Patrick

    I completely agree! The performance in AZ by the Hawks defense was one to be cherished. The fight in that group is unmatched and as a little bit of a Hawks Historian myself, I am not shy in saying that was absolutely one of their finest games (defensively), regardless of the 6-6 tie.

    I live in Denver, so I hear about how great Denver’s defense is. What I tell people is that what sets this Hawks defense aside is their sustained success. The Broncos were elite last year, no doubt, and they’re very good again this year. That said, Seattle has been 1-4 in total defense and 1 in points allowed every year since 2012 and this year’s iteration could be even better. That is greatness – sustained success and evolution over 4 years and running.

    On offense, I’m a bit frustrated with the playcalling. I believe a commitment to the run, from under center (not Shotgun), especially given Wilson’s physical limitations, would be beneficial in helping the offensive line establish a rhythm while protecting Wilson and the defense. Bevell falls in love too quickly and too often with the spread-shotgun game. When Wilson is healthy, that’s not necessarily a poor formation to attack from be he clearly is not.