One team may lose their QB for the season, and be playing with a 35-year-old backup that looked done (not rusty) last week.

Another just benched their injured and ineffective starter in favor of a 36-year-old backup.

And the other team is regularly rotating in their 36-year-old backup.

Thank goodness for Matt Hasselbeck. Who would have predicted this to start the season?

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  1. hawkblogger

    Thanks for the insight, courageous and articulate Anonymous. I might suggest not clicking on the links to visit if you don’t like what you read.

  2. Anonymous

    yeah, that’s b.s.

    adding a link is not thread-jacking. you’re doing fine bro.


  3. Anonymous

    Keep up your blog.. but if you post links, you might want to make sure they are at least relevant to the blog entry you are commenting on.

    The fact that it’s off topic actually does kinda make it thread-jacking.

    If you don’t have any on-topic comments to make, just including the URL for your blog like you are doing will probably be enough to get your readership up.

  4. hawkblogger

    I hear ya Anonymous. The TNT blog is THE place to go if you’re a Hawks fan, and it’s become kind of a discussion forum in my mind.

    People post the latest news in the latest thread, regardless of whether it pertains to the topic.

    I definitely don’t want to be “that guy” who appears to be self-promoting. Many times, I find myself posting a blog entry about something I’d want to raise on TNT. I can either copy/paste the post into a thread or just a link.

    Today, for example, the news about Bulger and Alex Smith didn’t seem to be on the TNT blog, so I was going to share it. I just shared a link instead of the whole paragraph.

    I’ll try to walk a finer line from here on out.