Observations, the morning after, Seahawks lose 21-0

Do you ever wake up before a big presentation or important interview and just know you don’t have it that day? I believe that happened to Mr. Hasselbeck yesterday. From his poor clock management to ill-advised throws to ill-advised non-throws for sacks, this was not the guy we’ve seen all year.

I just finished reading he Seattle PI and you’d think we lost to the Rams at home by the way Art Thiel was jumping off the bandwagon. Same thing over at the TNT blog with the reader comments. The second half of that game was horrible, but that had as much to do with a pretty amazing performance from their QB as it did with our poor play.

I’d argue that we were at least the Steelers equal in the first half, and that our defense was the best unit on the field for almost that entire half. Give the Steelers credit, they out-coached and outplayed us.
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I don’t think this game will haunt us much. The Hawks coaches need to figure out how to attack the Steelers defensive gameplan as other teams will start copying it. Other than that, I don’t think we’ll see that game again from Matt anytime soon. And despite the second half collapse, I thought the defense played well for the second week in a row. Look at the Steelers numbers, they are not that gaudy (other than the total rushing yards).

Let’s get our heads straight for the game against the Saints this week and get back to business.