I’m Brian’s wife, filling in for Hawkblogger as he endures a 3 hour roadtrip home from Grandma’s house with our 3 year old. Nobody panic – he’ll be here soon.

I’ll spare you my take on today’s game, since all I know is that if they win Brian usually wants to go out to dinner, and if they lose, he just wants to warm up a burrito in the micorwave.

Go Hawks!

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  1. hawkblogger

    What a horrible run that was. I think the Steelers got a very generous spot on Heath Miller’s “first down,” and then we missed three tackles (Lofa, Deon, Kelly) on that run and Hill was clearly blocked in the back.

    That sucks.

  2. hawkblogger

    what the hell??!! They are missing their top two WRs and we already know they go to their TEs in the red zone. How in the world is he not triple-covered??

    Horrible. Damnit.

    The Hawks better turn this thing around. We won’t get a better chance to win a road game against a good opponent.

  3. hawkblogger

    1st Half Analyis:

    – 17 yards rushing.
    Looks like simplifying the running game has not helped.

    – Worst half of football for Matt so far (11-21, 4.0 YPA)

    – 21 1st half pass attempts is not good. We don’t want to be throwing the ball 40+ times this game.

    – As bad as the offense played, we’re only down 7 thanks to almost flawless defense. One run play and one red zone play really bit us. (sound all too familiar)

    – It’s concerning to see how much this game seemed to mean to the Hakws, and how little it means to the Steelers, and we’re still losing.

    Key to 2nd half:

    – Matt must make better choices, and that includes getting rid of the ball instead of taking a sack or force a ball into tight coverage.

    – Defense must not give more big plays.

    – Hawks are going to need at least 13 points to win this game.

  4. hawkblogger

    The hawks defense has been on the field for half of this quarter. Offense has been sitting on the sidelines.

  5. MagooGirl

    this is frustrating as heck… the offense can’t run the ball (where in flippin’ heck is Shaun – our high priced MVP????) and Matt is just off…

    I just can’t fathom that the Steelers are without 3 of their top players and we still can do nothing against them!!!!!!

    3rd and long defense on the first drive of the 2nd half was brutal…

    I am so pissed off – it’s not even funny

  6. MagooGirl

    Holmy needs to bench his loyalty and sit Shaun for a series to see if MoMo can get any better results. The lack of a rushing game is killing us right now.

    When your QB is struggling you need a running game to pick up the slack and Shaun isn’t into the games thus far mentally or physically – 1.8 ypc and only one attempt by someone other than Shaun.

    come on, coach – time to earn your paycheck and give this team a wakeup call – if a player’s not cutting it, sit him down and get a spark from somewhere – anywhere, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hawkblogger

    Tip your hat. The Steelers are clearly a far better team than us. If we were without Deion, Burleson, Tatupu, and pick another defensive star, we’d lose almost every game.

    We certainly would not win by this much against a good opponent.

    The silver lining here is that this game was a bonus. Getting blown out sucks, but it doesn’t kill the season.

  8. MagooGirl

    This game may not ruin a season, but if we weren’t in the NFC West it just might be a really dismal sign.

    We can’t run the ball. And Matt can’t carry the full load. Without flow and rhythm, this offense doesn’t move well. Against a good team our weaknesses stick out like a sore thumb.

    I really thought we were better than this. On paper, talent wise, we are better than this – so what’s the problem? Why can’t we achieve consistent execution?

    I’d really like to see us sit Shaun for a game to see what happens. At least it might clarify things – is Shaun really playing this poorly or is the OLine really that far behind in the run blocking?

  9. cwu91

    Matt has not been on his game, and the interception at the end of the first half hurt. He just acted flighty all day.

    Nothing out of the tight end position, probably due to max protect sets I guess.

    Steelers were up for this, to be sure. No way should we have been shut out.

  10. hawkblogger

    Show some urgency! Seneca runs for a 1st down and they just hang around? I don’t care if you’re down 21, play like you mean it.

  11. cwu91

    LOL, was that a 10yd run by alexander? The streak lives!

  12. cwu91

    Now I have to go to work tomorrow and listen to my boss talk smack.

    Crappy way to start the week, to be

    Wouldn’t want to be Brees and the Saints next week….Nope