NFC Stock Market Week 12

I will take a look at what happened for the Seahawks and the NFC each week and update my predicted record for the Hawks and the Top 5 teams in the NFC. I will try to do this each Wednesday.

Seahawks Stock: Rising
Pre-season Predicted Record: 10-6
Current Predicted Record: 11-5

As I’ve stated in other posts in the last few days, the Hawks are playing their best football of the season in the last three weeks. In my predictions, I had them losing @ Carolina and @ Philly and at home against Baltimore. I see them winning at least two of those games. Balancing those with their unexpected losses at Arizona and Cleveland (at least unexpected in my preview), brings us to 11-5.

NFC Top 5

  1. Dallas Cowboys (Neutral): They are the best in our conference. Funny thing is I wouldn’t be scared to face them in the playoffs. I think the Bears of 2006 were more intimidating largely because the Cowboys are more about offense.
  2. Green Bay Packers (Rising): Even if GB beats the Cowboys, I don’t consider them a better team. They are, though, far better than I gave them credit for.
  3. Seattle Seahawks (Rising): The Hawks burst back onto the scene at the #3 slot. I still believe this team is limited in what it can accomplish, but it could really do some damage in the playoffs because most of the players have been there before.
  4. Tampa Bay (Neutral): Garcia’s injury could be the end of the line for this team if it becomes serious.
  5. New York Giants (Falling): Cream puffs anyone?