A Tip for Hawks Fanatics

Vintage microphone and headphones on green background. Concept audio and studio recording. 3d

It’s been incredibly annoying to lose access to Hawks press conferences and player interviews this season. Mike Sando used to post them on his blog, but the NFL did a cease and desist and said that audio would only be available through NFL.com or the teams themselves. Stupid, but okay, as long as I can get it.

The problem? The Seahawks podcast has not been working all season…until now. It started working again last week, and is my favorite commuting treat. Instead of listening to all the crap on the radio or having to get my news through newspaper spin, I can hear it directly from the players and coaches.

For example, every news outlet reported that Hackett was out for two games. Listening to Holmgren’s press conference it was clear that he had no idea when Hackett was going to be back, but he knew it wouldn’t be for at least two games. It could easily be a season-ending thing at this point in the year.

If you want to follow along yourself, here are the steps I followed with iTunes:

1. Copy this URL: http://www.seahawks.com/Multimedia/Podcast.aspx
2. Click Advanaced -> Subscribe to Podcast
3. Paste in the URL
4. Click Ok

It should work in other audio podcasting software as well.