Bandwagon media

The only thing worse than bandwagon fans are bandwagon media members. Art Thiel wrote another in his series of reactionary, cookie-cutter columns today about the Hawks’ loss yesterday.

Perhaps my expectations of wisdom and insight from those paid to cover my favorite team are unfair. Mike Sando certainly set the bar high, as did John Clayton before him. These folks have total access to the team, and columnists have more time to spend researching their stories then the beat writers do.

Did the game yesterday suck? Yep. Do championship teams lose focus and lose games like that? Not usually. Teams like the Colts and Patriots would get a scare, but come out with a win.

That game was not indicative of what this team has been for the past couple of months. As poorly as we played, there was little doubt that our best effort would have won. I didn’t see anything in that game that changed my perception of our team. Our weaknesses have been clear for a while now.

Continuing to point them out so that you look omniscient when they show up is just a veiled attempt to look like an insider instead of actually earning the moniker.